I've attended a number of Sunshine’s classes. She keeps the mood of the group up and feeling positive, while still providing us with solid feedback to improve our skills. Sunshine is one of the most well trained and experienced African dance instructors in the Hampton Roads area, hands down. New students, who often feel shy and awkward, are put at ease from the start. For the advanced dancer, Sunshine has wonderful insights and exercises that bring new richness and quality to the African, Hip Hop, Caribbean, and other moves. I have been dancing my whole life. When I Dance with Sunshine I learn something new, useful, and inspiring in every class. I highly recommend her and encourage anyone who is interested in dance that forms deep connections to happiness, freedom, culture, fitness, and fun. This class is for you!   She has such a beautiful spirit, heart, and mind and her desire to teach us is so very uplifting. She is a beam of light, full of life, love, and energy! ~ Ericka